- Sourcing Reinvented


BAL (BuyAnyLight) is a pioneering online platform offering an innovative and value-packed procedure for resourcing LED lighting projects. BAL delivers unique advantages for both buyers and sellers and a win-win edge for them all.

Anyone looking for a quality LED lighting supplier can register. There are four main groups of people who can reap huge BAL benefits:

  • Free Trial (any lighting user)
  • My Home (private homeowners)
  • My Tower (contractors, consultants and project owners)
  • LightFinder (lighting companies)

Simply visit https:// /buyer/register, follow the steps to create an account and fill in the registration form. Once you’ve registered, you can start uploading your enquiry.

For My Home and My Tower package: BAL registration is completely FREE! You only pay a subscription package when you’ve accepted a quotation and are ready to commit with BAL.

For LightFinder package: You can start with a free trial, but you are required to subscribe for a chosen package: Mini, Standard and Premium to start your project.

Yes, for a small fee you can order samples to help you make the perfect choices!

Here are some of great values the platform provides for sellers:
  • easy to set-up and use
  • free registration
  • saves you lots of money
  • secure payment
  • samples available
  • reliable
  • trackable deliveries to your door

Simply enter the details or upload an image showing your requirement. Our intelligent online systems and high-speed servers will match your enquiry with the most suitable suppliers and send out Requests for Quotes (RFQs) automatically in a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve selected and approved a seller’s quotation, you need to subscribe to your chosen package and arrange the payment.

You need to make 100% payment when you confirm your order. BAL will hold your payment securely and will only transfer it to the supplier’s account when the goods have arrived safely on your doorstep. BAL acts as the trustee for every BuyAnyLight transaction and your funds are completely safe with us.

When you upload your enquiry, you have a choice of land, sea or air shipping. Every supplier quotation must include the shipping charges so you know exactly how much you’ll pay.

Just click on “I’ve forgotten my password” on the sign-up page. You’ll shortly receive an email telling you how to reset your password.

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